Earthtide Tarot

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About Earthtide Tarot

Earthtide Tarot is based on natural rhythms; of seasons, psyche and the ebb and flow of our lives. The cards are gentle, both supported by traditional tarot but also robustly independent to bring the most wisdom and awareness possible to you, right here and now.You don't have to learn symbols and metaphors, each concept is an element of life that we each live, so can recognize and find meaning through our experiences.

The Work

After many years of research and planning, the structure and careful blending of traditional tarot and Earthtide's vision is complete. I've ensured that both experienced and novice readers alike will be able to do detailed and accurate readings from day one. The manuscript for the accompanying guidebook is in it's editing phase and the artwork for the finished deck is underway.

Would you like to be part of the Earthtide Tarot deck?

If you'd like to model for Earthtide's artwork, or have ideas or wishes for what you'd love to see or read, email me using the contact form below. For modelling, an ability to show emotion or visually convey an idea is the only skill or experience level needed. All ages, races, ethnicities, genders, sexualities and abilities are warmly welcomed... :)

The Author and Artist

Hi, my name is Rebecca :) I'm a New Zealand artist and tarot reader. I've been reading tarot for 30+ years and doing art all my life. I've created the Earthtide Tarot as I felt tarot needed to be easier; to learn, to interpret and to approach with a sense of safety and kindness.I believe in people and their innate ability to guide themselves. That's why I wanted to create a system that empowers people to recognize their inner wisdom and to see just how beautiful they really are.I live in Far North Queensland, Australia with my husband and fur-baby 🐾

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